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X-Glass Oy tarjoaa lasialan tuotteita ja palveluita yksityishenkilöille ja yrityksille koko Etelä-Suomen alueella. 


X-Glass AB erbjuder glasprodukter och -tjänster för privatpersoner och företag i hela södra delen av Finland. 


X-Glass Oy offers various glass products and related services in the southern region of Finland.  



 Local newspaper ad by Borgå Glassliperi from year 1963. 

Local newspaper ad by Borgå Glassliperi from year 1963. 

 A painting of Tauno Elonen.

A painting of Tauno Elonen.


X-Glass Ab was founded by Liisa and Henry Elonen in 2009. Our history however goes all the way back to to 1940s, when Henry's father, Tauno Elonen, founded Borgå Glassliperi after the war. Later on, Henry and his brother Heikki, continued with their father's work and took over the company in the seventies. Unfortunately the company went bankrupt during the recession in the 1990s, after which Henry and Liisa together founded Borgå Glas. In 2009 the company was sold after and Henry continued to work as a consultant while Liisa focused on her art glass projects.  

Finally in 2015 they decided again to start offering more services and products to their customers. 


Tauno Elonen argued that coming up with an idea or a solution to a problem always requires inspiration. To honor this statement we aim to do just this; help our customers get inspired and finding new solutions and ideas. We do this by offering products and services that are aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic and that provide real value. 

So whether you are looking for art glass, terrace glazing, sliding doors or anything in between, we will do our best to provide a solution that brings joy to you every day.