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X-Glass Oy tarjoaa lasialan tuotteita ja palveluita yksityishenkilöille ja yrityksille koko Etelä-Suomen alueella. 


X-Glass AB erbjuder glasprodukter och -tjänster för privatpersoner och företag i hela södra delen av Finland. 


X-Glass Oy offers various glass products and related services in the southern region of Finland.  

Building and construction

Glass constructions

Are you considering about replacing old windows, terrace glazing or installing a glass railing to your home stairs? If yes, then we recommend you to keep reading. 

Insulating glass is well suited for example for windows and terrace or balcony glazing since it reduces heat loss. Besides stopping heat from escaping, insulating glass can have even more features, such as insulating incomming heat and light as well as soundproofing. The glass can also be self-cleaning, tempered and/or laminated.   


Sliding glass doors and glass roof to the terrace 

Glass roof, windows and sliding doors and  can be installed in both new and older buildings. Terrace glass maximizes the incoming natural light and sliding doors are also easy maintain. The terrace season extends considerably as the space is protected by wind and water. Insulating glass can also be used enabling the space to be warm all year long. Because of this, a glazed terrace and roof is an great way to increase warm space, for example in your own home.

Glass railing  

Glass rails are suitable for both home, office and public spaces and can be installed in different ways depending on your wishes. The glass itself is always made of safety glass, that is, it is always tempered and/or laminated. The glass can be supported from all sides, two sides (vertical or horizontal edges) or even from only one side. The rails components used for fastening are made of high quality aluminum, steel or wood.

Processed glass

Processed glass differs from regular glass in that it has certain additional features. There are different types of processed glass for different purposes. We supply and install, among other processed glasses, the following according to custom dimensions. 

Tempered glass
Burglar-proof glass
Laminated glass
Soundproofed glass
Fire-resistant glass
Self-cleaning glass
Shot-proof glass

How to proceed with your project

The most important aspects of a successful project are the price, the end result and your experience of the service. The price depends on the size of the glasses, also on their quantity, processing and delivery and installation costs. In order for the end result and experience to match your expectations, it is important that we are both equally informed about the project and its requirements. We therefore recommend that you request a quote by email (myynti@xglass.fi), by phone (0400530866) or by visiting us at our store at Mästarvägen 28.

You can briefly describe your project to us:

1. The object (Are you renovating your home cottage, a summer house, sauna window, terrace glass etc.)
2. The number of glasses and their dimensions (e.g. two windows and their dimensions between the moldings)
3. Other requests (e.g. self-cleaning glass, sound insulation, replacement of old parts etc.)
4. Do you want us only to deliver the goods or do you wish that we would also do the installation.

If you do not have a clear opinion on some details, we will gladly help you to find a suitable solution. We recommend that we would come to the site to take measurements and plan the project with you. If this for some reason is not an option, providing us with pictures and possible drawings of the object / space will help us to get a holistic view of the project. On the basis of the information, we will give you a quotation on the project.

If you hesitate to take measurements yourself, you can always ask us to come and do it for you to be on the safe side. Measurements taken by us on your behalf, but which do not progress to an order, are always billed on the basis of spent working hours and travel.