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X-Glass Oy tarjoaa lasialan tuotteita ja palveluita yksityishenkilöille ja yrityksille koko Etelä-Suomen alueella. 


X-Glass AB erbjuder glasprodukter och -tjänster för privatpersoner och företag i hela södra delen av Finland. 


X-Glass Oy offers various glass products and related services in the southern region of Finland.  




Besides framing paintings it also possible to frame photos, posters and trinkets. However, finding a suitable frame can be challenging. A well made frame not only brings out the best features of a work or object, but it should also fit into the environment, for example a living room or company reception hall. The larger and heavier the work, the more important is is also to choose a frame that can support the weight.

At X-Glass we have a wide variety of frames to choose from and we update our stock regularly. We recommend you to bring the object that you wish to frame to our store. We help you to choose frames that fits your work the best. You can also take a picture of the environment where you will keep the work. This helps with choosing a frame that goes well with its environment.