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X-Glass Oy tarjoaa lasialan tuotteita ja palveluita yksityishenkilöille ja yrityksille koko Etelä-Suomen alueella. 


X-Glass AB erbjuder glasprodukter och -tjänster för privatpersoner och företag i hela södra delen av Finland. 


X-Glass Oy offers various glass products and related services in the southern region of Finland.  


Sliding doors

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are suitable for dividing open space and as closet doors. Besides their practical use can sliding doors give a nice touch to the room atmosphere. 

Sliding doors consist of glass, mirror or plastic doors as well as metal frames and upper and lower tracks. A sheet of glass for example is attached to the frame, which then slides on the tracks. The frames and tracks are made of durable aluminium or steel and comes in different colors, for example white, black or silver. A door can also be divided into two or more sheets, e.g. one piece of glass and one mirror. To guarantee safe usage of the doors, the backside of glass mirrors have a plastic coating. Glass sheets can also / or alternatively be tempered. 

Calculate the price for your sliding doors

Below you can find a calculator that gives you an estimate on the cost of sliding doors*. You can use the calculator as you wish and the estimate is given when you have filled in the required information. If you wish to get an offer on the doors, please provide your contact information and press "Lähetä" (send). In case you have any special requests that are not shown in the calculator, write describe them in the section called "Viesti" (message). We will contact you concerning the offer no later than two business days. We apologize that the calculator currently only supports Finnish language.  

NOTE. The counter is currently being updated and is therefore disabled for the time being.

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If you experience any trouble with the calculator below, you can also get the same price estimate through this link.

* Please note that the calculator provides a price estimate. We reserve the right to change the price.